Diamond Buying Guide


When it comes to buying diamonds, many people focus on the carat, but this is just one of the factors to bear in mind. The Four Cs are what to consider when choosing your diamond:

Cut: The brilliance, or sparkle, of a diamond is very much determined by its cut. In order for a diamond to sparkle beautifully, it must be cut to precise proportions. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most famous cut, and we carry a lot of other cuts, too. For more information click here.

Colour: Diamonds are graded for colour, with colourless being the most sought after and rarest. Laboratory conditions are needed to see the tiny differences between each colour grade.

Clarity: Most diamonds have tiny inclusions, which are like the fingerprint of each stone. Clarity is graded depending on how many inclusions are visible either to the naked eye or under magnification; a diamond with no inclusions (graded F for "flawless") is incredibly rare.

Carat: When it comes to diamonds, most people think the carat is the most important factor, however it only refers to the weight of the diamond. Two diamonds can be identical on paper in terms of dimensions, clarity, colour and cut, yet have different carat weights due to the crystal structure of each particular diamond.

Of course, the most important factor when selecting a diamond is that you like it!