Engagement Ring Buying Guide


When it comes to choosing an engagement ring there are so many options that it can sometimes feel overwhelming, but help is at hand! Our experts can help you choose your perfect ring.

It's important to remember that an engagement ring will (usually) be worn every day for a very long time, so something hard-wearing is often the best choice. Some gemstones, like pearls or amber, are great for occasional wear but, due to their delicate nature, are not best suited to engagement rings. However, we have a huge selection of diamonds and coloured gemstones that would make stunning engagement rings, designed to withstand the tests of time.

If you're buying an engagement ring as a surprise and you're not sure what size you'll need, we recommend buying and presenting a ring as it is, and bringing it back to us for either sizing or for us to make the ring in the correct size.

We're well-known for our impressive range of diamond rings!

Diamonds are known for both their brilliance and durability, making them an excellent choice for an engagement ring. We have everything from solitaires to clusters; round brilliant cut to emerald cut; and we can help you design your perfect ring, too.

We like to marry the durabilty of diamonds with hard-wearing precious metals like platinum and gold; and we have lots to choose from! With regards to gold, it is, of course, a naturally yellow metal and it is alloyed to add strength and colours. We add palladium, for example, to our 18ct white gold alloy to keep the white gold whiter, reducing the need for rhodium-plating (which is a service we offer — see here for more information.

Many of our rings are designed to sit perfectly beside a wedding ring. For those on a twist, for example, we can shape a wedding ring around them, or we can modify an existing style to suit your own needs.

Coloured Gemstones
We have possibly the largest collection of rare and unusual gemstones for sale in Scotland, and we can advise you on what gemstones would suit both your style and lifestyle. If we don't have what you're looking for, why not get in touch? We travel the world buying gemstones and we may be able to source your perfect gemstone and make a ring around it!

We can recommend gemstones ideally suited to your lifestyle and personal style. With two qualified gemmologists on site, we can also give you an extra level of information and service when looking for the perfect gemstone.

Gemstones are graded for hardness, which is very important when it comes to setting or wearing particular gemstones. Hardness is a surface quality, and refers to how easy it is to scratch a particular gemstone. The Moh's Scale of hardness is used as a guide for hardness, with the stones lower down the scale being subject to scratching from the stones above them. Diamonds, for example, are the hardest gemstone (10 on the Moh's scale) and can scratch all other gemstones below it on the scale, such as sapphires (9), emeralds (7.5-8) and amber (2-2.5). Sapphires and rubies are the hardest coloured gemstones, and are amongst the most popular, particularly for engagement rings.

The toughness of a stone refers to how brittle it is. For example, emeralds are relatively hard gemstones but they can sometimes be brittle, so they need a little extra care. We can advise you of how to look after your gemstones, and we offer a cleaning service, too.