Which Cut?

dia-banner-bokeh-1920x630.jpgThe cut of a gemstone can determine its sparkle and overall effect, but it can be tricky to know exactly what to go for. Our team of experts can help you choose your ideal gemstone, and we have some examples of different cuts below:

Round Brilliant Cut
This well-known cut is ideally suited to diamonds, and it is designed to offer maximum sparkle. A modern round brilliant cut diamond has either 57 or 58 facets, which are cut precisely to allow the light entering the diamond to be refracted and dispersed perfectly. If a diamond is cut too shallow, the light entering it will be released through the bottom; too deep and the light can't be dispersed evenly and the sparkle is lost.

This cut is perfect for you if you like plenty of fire in your diamonds.

Princess Cut
Princess cut diamonds are essentially square versions of the round brilliant cut and offer plenty of sparkle. This cut is suited to you if you like a contemporary feel to your jewellery but don't want on sacrifice on the sparkle.

Oval Cut
Oval cut diamonds are very similar to round brilliant cut diamonds, but obviously oval in shape. They sparkle beautifully, and this cut is perfect for those of you who like a classic style with a difference.

Emerald Cut
This cut is well suited to diamonds with few inclusions and often larger sizes. The facets are long and straight, and there are fewer of them than with the brilliant cut, therefore this cut offer an entirely different kind of sparkle. This cut lends itself well to vintage-style rings or simple settings.

Cushion Cut

Cushion cut diamonds can be square or rectangular with rounded edges. This is a popular cut for vintage-style rings.

Baguette Cut
This cut works beautifully in clusters or bands. Like the emerald cut, baguette cut diamonds have long facets, which offer a beautiful sparkle. Baguette cut diamonds often look stunning set with round brilliant cut diamonds, as the contrast between the cuts adds interest.

Pear Cut
This cut, as the name suggests, tapers from a rounded end to a point, like a pear. The facets are similar to those in an oval cut diamond, so this cut offers a lot of sparkle. This cut is great for elongating the finger and can be worn with the point facing either your nail or your hand.

Marquise Cut
This is sometimes known as a navette cut, and it is essentially shaped like an eye, with a tapered point at either end. This cut is a great choice if you're looking for something a little different, without compromising on sparkle.